First Aid Only Products


Safety is the basis of trust, especially when dealing with „sharp things“. So, it is only logical that we launch FIRST AID ONLY as our brand in Europe that expands the ACME United range of quality products with a measure of prevention and emergency preparedness.

For a quarter of a century, specialists have been developing the best and most efficient solutions for first aid and emergency care. This lofty goal is as clear as it is demanding: The best equipment in an emergency, everywhere, and for every situation. In the workplace, at home, in sports and games. We are proud that FIRST AID ONLY is now part of the ACME United Corporation.


FIRST AID ONLY will be successful wherever the ACME United products are at home, and wherever our retail partners rely on the power of our brands. Scissors for the first aid kit, the right plaster for a wound, these are the helping hands in an emergency. This combination of quality and qualification expands the core competency of ACME United in the safest way.


FIRST AID ONLY® is a registered trademark of Acme United Corporation